Monday, 19 April 2010

Bewilderment …

Anyone who tries to keep track of what is happening in China is going to end up by wearing all the skin off his left ear from twirling around on it.
Robert Benchley



Fortunately it was only I that was in a state of bewilderment caused by my inability to follow the Portuguese television commentary. I tried my damndest to keep my eyes on the racing and read the ribbon at the bottom of the screen at the same time, only to make a dog's dinner of both.

The final outcome was greatly to my liking but, oh, didn't this race provide some 'fluidity' to the race placements, as always dictated by the vagaries of the weather! If there is a mythical Olympian God who presides over Grand Prix excursions, then today he (or she) was in a mischievous mood throughout the afternoon, emptying their watering can over the participants, only to raise the rose when hordes of them ducked into the pits to change tyres. And then doing it all over again!

I am still re-living in my mind's eye much of the top class driving I witnessed today, and for that reason alone I intend to keep this post as short as possible. If you are interested in the sport and didn't watch it, then you missed a 'cracker'.

Boring the pants off readers who don't follow the sport by delivering a blow-by-blow commentary as I have been prone to in the past would do today's spectacle a disservice!

Here are a couple of stolen images off the Official F1 Website, which I shall be happy to remove if they decide to complain about my audacity.

The first is an incident that I thought could possibly lose Hamilton his second place finish ...


Hamilton and Vettel get it on in the pits ...


And, to celebrate an all-British victory (drivers and team), here are the final moments ...


Button wins. Hamilton a close second.


'Till next time ...

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Sniffles and Smiles said...

Hey, Fletch! These are terrific shots...I hope they don't ask you to remove them...And oh, you do have such a flair! I love reading your blow by make it all so interesting and exciting with your commentary! And your humor is always such a fantastic bonus! You are a terrific writer...I actually think you should be officially covering the races...

Also, I want to thank you with all my heart for your encouragement... I will do my best to continue, but it won't be with the regularity of my usual posts...hope you won't mind too much...but I am so grateful to have friends to bounce this off... it is especially wonderful to be accountable to friends I admire...I need that...otherwise I'd probably still be hiding :-) All the best to you, my dear friend! Have a wonderful week!

Martin H. said...

Yes, this was a much better spectacle. Great result for Button, although I fear the (yet to grow up) Hamilton may be penalised with a grid drop next time around. Nothing now for 3 weeks. Still, MotoGP will fill the gap admirably.

Akelamalu said...

I'm used to blow-by-blow accounts of motor racing from MWM. ;)

jinksy said...

I'm afraid to me, all cars are strange objects which have a wheel at each corner...I think their only interest lies under the bonnet!

Thumbelina said...

I missed it. Blow by blow pleeeease with added excitement.

Thank you! :)

Fletch said...

OK, you guys!

You've been given a second helping with the next post.

Masochists, enjoy!



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