Friday, 20 June 2008

Hurdles ...

I mentioned early on that I recognize there are hurdles, and we're going to achieve those hurdles. [Jan 22, 2003]

George W. Bush



Well, Dubya, I know what you were trying to say, even if others were completely flummoxed!

Joana, the Arquitecta, called to say that The Conservatory had bounced her submission showing the property divided into 4 distinct plots. They advised her that only a drawing with 5 plots, as shown in their original documents, would be acceptable.

The latest submission showing 5 distinct plots.
The latest submission showing
FIVE distinct plots.

No big problem these days when everything is computerised. Flash up the computer and produce the same CAD diagram, but this time carved up into 5 distinct plots. That should take care of things. But can one be sure? Nothing, but nothing, seems to have gone smoothly with this venture.

Meanwhile, we have had more discussions with Joana about how she intends to draw up the plans for the next stage. There are little gotcha's gotcha: -jargon

A feature of something that tends to breed mistakes because it is both enticingly easy to invoke and whose outcome is completely unexpected.

that have to be considered. Like not showing a door or doors leading from one property to the other, despite the fact that we intend to knock together the first two and turn the middle one into an outdoor corridor-patio patio -noun

1. an area, usually paved, adjoining a house and used as an area for outdoor lounging, dining, etc.

2. a courtyard, esp. of a house, enclosed by low buildings or walls.

. We will leave this stage of the planning entirely in her hands. When the plans are accepted by the bureaucrats we shall go ahead and task the builder with knocking things together the way we want it.

Later - much later - we will submit plans showing the houses joined together and request their permission to go ahead with the build (that has already taken place). I am assured that getting them to accept the property as fewer than 5 distinct plots is fine after we have occupied the property; that they will then accept our submission and draw up new plans for their archives to reflect the changed status. Oh, really?

This should send the taxman and the electricity, water and sewage companies into paroxysms of ecstasy!

I ought to open a 'book' make book: -idiom

1. to accept or place the bets of others, as on horse races.

2. to wager; to bet.

with long odds, but I know instinctively that there isn't anybody 'sucker' enough to take my bet ...

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