Sunday, 14 March 2010

Boring …

I would sum up my fear about the future in one word: boring. And that's my one fear: that everything has happened; nothing exciting or new or interesting is ever going to happen again.
J G Ballard



Yes it was!

This was the first race of the season, and given the changes to the rules and format, perhaps it isn't too surprising

The 'qualifiers' on Saturday were a darn sight more interesting with all the drivers trying their damndest to get to grips with their new cars, hoping to do well enough to snatch a decent grid position for today's race. Fuel taken aboard could probably have been measured with an egg cup because they were all aware that they would ALL be required to fill their tanks before the actual race and it was unnecessary to attempt to qualify with a heavily laden car.

When you consider that the rebuilt cars for the 2010 season are sporting 250-litre fuel tanks compared to the 80-litre tanks in previous years, you begin to understand that computation and complication are uneasy bedfellows. With a full fuel load the suspension needs to be adjusted to take account of the increased weight. This eventually results, in the latter stages of the race, in a higher than normal ride, lesser down force, ultimately making it difficult to control the  car during high-speed cornering.

The result today was reminiscent of the days of 'procession'; Ferrari's leading, the rest following meekly. Today it was Vettel (Red Bull) leading and Alonso and Massa (Ferrari) following, until Vettel's car developed a technical problem. It was almost surreal to hear Vettel's plaintive shout to the pits on the radio, "Is there anything you can do to fix it?", whilst loosing nearly 2 seconds a lap with 15 to go, only to be told, rather tersely, "No. It is a mechanical fault."

Alonso and Massa moved into 1st and 2nd position and Hamilton (McLaren) barged through into 3rd with the finesse of a female shopper at the 'sales' homing in on a bargain. I'm afraid that that was the only bit of excitement during the whole race. Indeed, I got up and wandered off into the kitchen to put on a much needed cup of coffee at some point during the race - and didn't miss a thing!

One can only hope that things get better ...

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Martin H. said...

Sorry, poor typo in first comment.

I don't think this particular circuit added anything to the spectacle, and it looks as though we're back to the days of yawn, no matter how hyperactive the irritating Jake Humphrey becomes. Still, at least the commentators and presenters didn't take too long to get up to full 'slagging off' speed, when talking about the return of the greatest driver ever. Someone should tell them that the war ended in 1945.

Fletch said...

I am 'fortunate' not to have to listen to the commentary to which you refer, Martin. I receive the race commentary in Portuguese, which simply blurs with the white noise of the racing cars!

I am an optimist and hope for better things to come - once the teams and drivers decipher the pitfalls of the current rules and regulations.

Martin H. said...

I am also an optimist, which is why I tuned in. Still, it might just be a bad start. Let's hope things improve as the season moves on.

Chairman Bill said...

I fell asleep, which is why I gace up watching F1 in the first place.

Sniffles and Smiles said...

"Hamilton(McLaren) barged through into 3rd with the finesse of a female shopper at the 'sales' homing in on a bargain..." You are too, too funny!!! I'm sorry that the race was boring, but you have made it interesting with you witty commentary! Hope the next race meets all your expectations, and then some ;-) Hugs, Janine

Thumbelina said...

And I was so looking forward to it. The littleun wants to know why I like F1.
I don't understand the technicalities, but it is what I call a proper race. It is on a dedicated track, with proper cars and, apparently, people trying to win.
Oh - and they are fast cars. I like that bit. ;0)

But I caught the qualifiers, and after not watching F1 for many many years because it was... well, boring and predictable, I was looking forward to this having had a certain blogger whet my appetite.

And it was boring and predictable. *sigh*
I'll keep my eye out for the next race and hope it improves.

Fletch said...


I, too, call it as I see it. If they don't improve the 'quality of the merchandise', I shall vote with my on/off switch like everybody else ...



Glad it tickled your funny-bone. But I am hoping that things WILL improve, or as I've said to Bill, I will be switching off ...



Shame. I didn't mean to con you. I was 'suckered' as much as the rest of the viewing public. I hope the FIA mandarins are having a truly miserable time wondering why they tinkered with the rules and regulations, and got it so bloody wrong ...

Thumbelina said...

Hey! YOU didn't con me.

THEY did!

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Fun to stop by and read the comments here!! Big smiles here today! Hope you are well, and finding plenty to interest you in the wide world of sports ;-) Hugs, Janine

Shrinky said...

Aw hon, you can only be disappointed if you raise your expectation too high - like you say, they need to "grow" into this new format, it'll come. Love your turn of phrase when you write, thanks for making me smile.



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