Friday, 2 October 2009

Departure …

Him that has control of departure, that has control of coming home, return, and turning in, that shepherd do I also call.
Atharva Veda



David McMahon

has left the stage. David has abandoned blogland (authorblog) to concentrate on his writing. The last I heard from him he had submitted his second novel to the publishers and was quite a way through the second novel!

No, you didn’t read that wrong. Nor did I mistype it.

His second novel was to be 'The Jadhu Master', but it looks like his publishers managed to convince him that he should complete his THIRD novel, 'Muskoka Maharani' ahead of schedule, which he obligingly did. And we all know how obliging he can be!

I could eulogise the man with several paragraphs, but I think he would be embarrassed and dismissive, so I won't do that now. Perhaps another day!

This post is to update regular visitors to his site that one of his regular features, "The Sunday Roast" will not now succumb to his departure.

The good news is that fellow blogger, Eddie Bluelights of Clouds and Silvery Linings, will be picking up where David left off (at David's request I might add), and will continue this feature starting mid-October.

I have bookmarked Eddie's site so that I can follow the feature. Why don't you do the same?


Catch you later …



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Thumbelina said...

Already done.
Nice to see you post one too!

jinksy said...

I see you came out of the woodwork long enough to point to Eddie's blog... he will be inundated, no doubt, come October...

Sniffles and Smiles said...

You are really a terrific guy. What a wonderful tribute to David, and a generous nod to Eddie! Glad to see you about again! Have missed you! Have a wonderful weekend! Cheers! Janine

P.S. my word verification? granprea...can't help but associate it with Grand Prix ;-) ~J.

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Oh, Fletch...I'm in stitches...latent warmth countering cool...PERFECT!!! And if this is your world, I'll settle in...I love the company here ;-) Thank you for your well wishes!!! It means a lot to me! Hope everything is wonderful in your part of the world...warm fall days, I expect! Truly paradise!!! Looking forward to catching up with you again...when I'm no longer loopy...and no, that's not a typical condition for me...I'll blame it on the painkillers!!! LOL... Warmly~Janine

Shrinky said...

Yes, it's nice to know Eddie has been good enough to pick up the torch, but (sigh), a big spark has gone out of blogging with David's departure - I am still in mourning.

It's great to know he is soon to be published again, I look forward to another good read.

david mcmahon said...

Hi there, El Tel, Thumbelina, Jinksy, Sniffles & Smiles and Shrinky,

I came across this quite by chance. My very humble thanks for doing this - and yes, Eddie's going to do a wonderful job with the Sunday Roast column.

Why did I stop blogging? Simple choice ... I knew the time was coming when I had to make a choice between updating my blog four times a day (which as you all know I thoroughly enjoyed doing) or, on the other hand, knuckling down to: a) finish editing The Jadu Master and b) starting to write my fourth novel.

Hence the choice, belatedly perhaps, to stop blogging on 25 September.

The decision was a tough one, but a good one. A few days later I started a great new role on the newspaper, a huge challenge .....

As you know, I will still be visiting blogs even though I shan't be writing my own blog.

Leave Blogland? No, I'm still here for everyone. So many good friends can never be forgotten.

And you, El Tel, have been a generous and wise mentor.

Fletch said...

Painting my fence, again, David!

Thanks for the amplification, though. I am sure visitors to this rag will be interested. And as you say, you will still be trawling the web, even though you won't be maintaining your high profile.

Good luck with the scribbling ...

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Thanks so much, Fletch!!! You're a REAL friend!!!!!!! A toast to life, how about it? Cheers!!! Janine

P.S. Great to see David's words here!!! You two are a terrific team! And I greatly admire you both!!!

Fletch said...

Thanks for the comment, Janine.

TERRIFIC news about the outcome of your latest brush with the unknown ...



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