Thursday, 9 July 2009

Girls-1 ...

Put your hand on a hot stove for a minute, and it seems like an hour. Sit with a pretty girl for an hour, and it seems like a minute. THAT'S relativity.
Albert Einstein



This is Engelbert Humperdinck's version of the popular song, "To All The Girls I've Loved Before". I am fond of the song, and the sentiment it expresses, although I am not necessarily a fan of 'Smarmy-Engy'. Nor do I have much in common with the 'star'.

Except that he is Anglo-Indian by birth and upbringing.

As I am.

So where did I go wrong?


(NEW video will replace this broken link - soon!)


What made me choose this less than universally acceptable vid to regale you with? You may well ask!

The answer is SIZE!

I've been plugging WLW (Windows Live Writer) on the Playpen for some time now, and it appears nobody is taking up the challenge.

This vid is the largest blog-type vid I have on my hard drive. HUGE at 31MB, and I thought I'd give WLW a chance to disappoint me by refusing to accept the upload. It didn't! That's kewl, peeps!

More than that, a simple click on the 'tools' menu in the R/H column of WLW allowed me to upload all 31MB to something called 'soapbox', not a depository I am familiar with. But hey, I'll take the space wherever I can get it, especially if it is free and if it 'formats' the final product to display it as well as it has done. Honest, I had no input into how the final display appears!

Go activate your copy of WLW ...



The title is the first in a series of three. You'll have to wait for the others. But not for too long ...

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Thumbelina said...

Nobody taking up WLW? Are they mad? It has transformed my blogging!

When I get around to posting again that is...

Lee said...

LOL Humperdink's gotten a lot better than the early Tiptoe song. Thanks for sharing this Terry.

Didn't realize or maybe when I last looked you hadn't added the follow widget to the Playpen. I'm a follower now!

I'll look into WLW but I won't make any promises. I'm finding Windows and Google pulling me in different directions and haven't quite gotten a happy balance there yet.


Fletch said...

People may be visiting and quietly activating their WLW, Cath, but nobody is saying whether they have! They may not be 'mad', but they are certainly depriving themselves of a useful tool. And that's all it is, really, with a few bells and whistles added on.

We can wait for you to start posting again. Real-life must take precedence. Nevertheless, I visit Secret Worlds from time to time, just in case ...

Fletch said...


You simply MUST give WLW a test run. As Cath says, it has "transformed my blogging", and I can testify to the accuracy of that statement.

I am now using it for just about every post, on ALL my blogs, although I do 'go-behind-the-scenes' and add little extras via the HTML (Source) window. Sadly, that's the geek in me!

For me it means using only one application (one user interface window to get familiar with) for all the blogs, including the 'test' ones. Can't beat that. And you can 'schedule' to delay the post going up via the application itself.

What more can one ask for?

Thumbelina said...

Thanks for the link Terry. Real life has just slapped me that's all and I'll be back on soon. Like Lee said - I think there was no "follower" thingummy on Playpen before, and now there is, I'm following and can update!

The only thing I would ask for on WLW is the ability to put my labels in on WLW. As it stands, I can't see how to do that and post a draft to the blog, add the labels and then publish. Not a problem really at the end of the day. It is the best thing I have learned about since blogging!

Thumbelina said...

To the point that I refuse to have a 64 bit xp disk on my new computer and am going to stick with a 32 bit so I can use WLW. Seriously!
When I get my new computer. Slight dispute with the company. And that's only PART of the real life dramas here...*sigh*
Bigun says that company haven't met me face to face yet have they? Boy, are they gonna be sorry.... ;0)

Fletch said...


"... The only thing I would ask for on WLW is the ability to put my labels in on WLW. As it stands, I can't see how to do that and post a draft to the blog, add the labels and then publish ..."

| TAGS | LABELS | CATEGORIES |, they're all the same thing. Different blogging platforms use different terms, is all! Look at the bottom of the window and you will see an icon with 'Set categories'. Click in the box and you will get a popup box with EVERY tag or label you've ever used. You can add new ones or select previously used tags. Done!

Click on the 'File' menu at the top and you are given several choices, two of which are "Save local draft" and "Post draft to blog". Done!

32-bit v 64-bit: M$ have messed up their Windows Live installer by changing it from an ".msi" to an ".exe" file. There is a work-around.

You already have the installers on your 32-bit machine, because you're already using WLW. Go to:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\WindowsLiveInstaller\MsiSources



then copy (for Windows Live Writer):


to a thumb drive and run it on the 64-bit machine. Done!

e-mail me if 'fings ain't clear enough ...

Fletch said...


all that above is for an XP SP3 64-bit machine. Apparently it works fine on a Vista 64-bit, but I wouldn't know (don't have a Vista 64-bit).

Get 'Bigun' working on this ...

Thumbelina said...

Thank you. I knew you'd sort that out for me. Gobbledy gook to me but when son returns next week and when I get to give me a disk that works then I will let you know. Up to now, no new computer because dabs are being a pain and... long story. Someday.
For now, still fighting with them and I remain software-less. We now have functioning hardware which is a good start (they sent faulty stuff first), but I want my software that I paid for. :)

I'll keep you informed. They picked the wrong person to play games with. ;0)



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