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Sangria (recipe) …

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This is the 'world-famous' Fletch recipe for Sangria. Even the Portuguese and Spanish are envious of it. People from many countries in Europe, and even as far away as Australia, have called around to sample the brew.

I am soooooooo consumed with pride!


The ingredients.
  • 500ml cheap red wine
  • 1 med orange
  • 1 med lemon
  • 3 x 33ml cheap gin (shot glass)
  • 2 x 33ml cheap vodka
  • 1 x 33ml cheap brandy
  • 3 heaped serving spoons sugar
The ingredients.

Add 3 heaped serving spoons of sugar to the 500ml of wine. Mix well.
500ml of wine to which you add 3 heaped serving spoons of sugar.

Quarter the fruit and then slice each quarter into 3 segments.

Trim the pith and de-seed the fruit. The pith and seeds tend to leave a bitter taste, not to mention unseating your drunken guests dentures!

This is you being a good host!
Trim the pith and de-seed the fruit.

3 x 33ml of cheap gin ...
3 x 33ml of cheap gin ...

... 2 of really cheap vodka ...
... 2 of really cheap vodka ...

... and 1 of really, really cheap brandy!
... and 1 of really, really cheap brandy!

Add lots of ice and top up with sparkling lemonaide which gives it a fizz.

You could substitute a really awful 'sparkling wine' and call it a 'Champagne Sangria'!

Your choice.
Add lots of ice and top up with sparkling lemonaide.

Preparations complete. Give it a good final stir.

It is now ready to be served.
Preparations complete. Ready to be served.

I would strongly recommend that you use smaller glasses, especially if there are many guests, or you'll be running in and out of the kitchen to make more, and MORE Sangria!
Use smaller glasses, especially if there are many guests!


  • A normal Sangria Jug will serve 6 people if the glasses are half the size of the ones shown in the picture.
  • If you decide to make a batch that will serve more, say 12, double the ingredients, but DON'T double the quantity of spirits. It will knock your guests for a six!
  • You might want to experiment by adding small quantities of apple or peach to the fruit. More than half a peach will make the drink taste 'sickly'.
  • If you think there isn't enough orange flavour, add about 50ml of concentrated orange juice to the mix.

Enjoy ...


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Pam said...

Thanks brother,

I will not only make it for ourselves but give Gloria & Max a taste of it. They break for the holidays, again!!

Skipper said...

As a Malt Scotch drinker, this sounds evil ...

But! I can see great possibilities for Sangria at the barbecue.

Particularly appealing 'cheap brandy' 'cheap gin' 'cheap red wine' etc etc.

This concoction will definitely appeal to the drunken hooligans who I am forced to invite. [the in-laws]

thanks Fletch

Fletch said...

As a 'malt-man' you appreciate that mixing ANYTHING together is 'diluting' the original (I've know malt drinkers to refuse to even add water to their whisky)!

So, if you're going to mix all that 'grape' and 'grain' together, it may as well be the cheapest you can lay your hands on.

By the third glass your guests - even the in-laws - won't care a hoot ...

Thumbelina said...

Mm - mmmmm!
There's one for the summer BBQs. :)
Thanks Fletch.

Cath / Thumbelina

Skipper said...


Made up a batch of your brew yesterday for the barbie, it all vanished , there were quite a few comments which got very complimentary as time a success all round.

The taste? Well lets say I've never had anything quite like it, will certainly drink it again....under duress; but only after I've had a few Scotch's first to get in the mooooood.

'By the cringe' I would not want to take it unawares, it certainly makes you practice your pucker-upping!

Fletch said...

I penned the recollection of the event, recounting the incident during which a couple of friends made the mistake of underestimating the 'PUNCH' of the brew, especially as a 'warning'!

Yes, the 'taste' is disguised by the lashings of sugar (reason I recommend all the cheapest ingredients), and the unwary assume it to be a bit of a punch-like entrée. The 'first', 'last' and 'only' mistake necessary!

I suspect the 'lip-puckering' on your part wasn't anything to do with the taste, either!!

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Oh, you are too fun...pride, indeed...with such a passion and gift for your brew...I'd say it is well-earned!! I raise my glass to you, my friend!!! Cheers!!! Hugs, Janine

Fletch said...

Salude, Janine!



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